6 Credits via CEUs…

Getting settled in, a Host Family and an Au Pair have a lot of things to think about. It can be a little frustrating to find classes to take that look good and work with the agreed upon schedule but don’t say how many credits they are worth!

I am happy to report that for the continuing education classes that often are used to obtain these credits, there is a very simple way to calculate the CEUs (Continuing Education Units) that make up the credits that they are worth. Every 10 hours of class time makes a credit!

Here is an example from North Seattle College:

For an au pair to take our ESL class which is 32 hours or 3.2 CEUs: If a student misses a class session (2 hours), we deduct that from the total hours/CEUs awarded – so 30 hours or 3.0 CEUs. We charge a $15 CEU fee only once each quarter regardless of how many classes an au pair chooses to take. We then email a form which the au pair completes and has the instructor sign, verifying the attendance. The form is submitted to our office and we provide an official letter/certificate.

So make sure you add up the hours that you class includes and you have registered for your CEU. If it is less than 60 hours of class time you probably want to sign up for some more to make sure you get your six credits and make sure you don’t miss classes because that will reduce the number of credits that you earn.

Remember to contact your LCC and/or the local college to confirm that this is the way it works where you or your au pair is taking classes and feel free to comment and I’ll answer questions as much as possible or help you find someone more informed if needed.

I hope you find some awesome classes to take while you are here!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 5:49 PM


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