What To Do When It Is SO Rainy?

In Seattle there is a lot to do, and while a lot of the locals brag about not using an umbrella, it is a very good idea to have a rain coat!! Here are some ideas for places to go and participate in various activities, I’m focusing on the indoor activities for this post:

Kid-Friendly Cafes:
: My kids call this the “Lego Cafe” and pretty much is that! It has an upstairs and a downstairs both with LOTS of Lego. Downstairs is for the younger kids, and consists of the bigger Duplo kind of blocks. Upstairs is for the older kids and even grown-ups with the regular sized blocks and also lots of tables for socializing or eating snacks/studying. I used to come here a lot when my youngest wasn’t in school yet and my oldest was going to school up the hill on University Ave. There is also coffee, as well as other beverages and snacks too that you can buy downstairs, and they might have changed, but when I used to go there we were allowed to order pizza from down the street and have that to eat while kids played, which was really convenient for meeting with friends and/or clients.

ACTIVE Indoor Locations (for kids & adults):
Elevated Sportz: Chances are you will at some point be bringing kids here for some kind of a party. It is a Trampoline Park!! It is huge, indoors and lots of fun. Be sure that you have permission from parents of any kids you are bringing and also be really careful not to hurt yourself also! It is a great workout and fun to go with a group of people.

More coming…what do you recommend?

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 10:10 PM


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